LGBTQ & Grief

This is for you if you’re:

or a child, parent, friend of someone who is LGBTQ.

You already know that life
is more challenging for you,
then for your straight friends & family.

Loss can be extra difficult.

You might be in the closet and isolated;
scared to tell anyone that your partner just died,
or you’re worried about your health.

Maybe your parents died
and your beloved isn’t invited to the funeral.
Maybe you’re beloved died
and you’re not invited to the funeral.

Maybe your gay parent
is in a nursing home
and no one knows they’re gay.
Or they do,
and make fun of them.

You might be out;
enjoying the love of friends,
acceptance of co-workers and neighbors.
And, you probably still experience gaps.
You might not have your family’s full support.
nor the support of a faith community.
You aren’t supposed to be discriminated against,

As a LGBTQ person,
many of your losses are harder to bear.

You don’t have to bear them in silence.

It helps to have someone who can hear you.
I can hear you.


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