Welcome to my Grief Coaching Website

If you are mourning someone’s death, I offer my condolences.

If you are grieving another kind of loss, I know how hard it can be.

If you’re sad, scared, mad, numb, dealing with shame, guilt or regret,
you’re in a safe space, here, as we connect through my website.

I’m a Master Certified Shift Your Grief™ Coach and Psychotherapist.

I have over 30 years experience helping thousands of people grieve all kinds of losses.

I work with people who are grieving the death of a loved one.
I can help with unfinished business or difficult feelings.

I work with people who are grieving and can’t talk about it with friends or family.
Sometimes there is silence around certain kinds of deaths like suicide or pregnancy loss.
Sometimes others just don’t get it. Pet loss, for instance.

I work with people who are grieving before a death happens.
Maybe someone dear to you is dying.
Perhaps you’re saying a long good-bye to a parent with dementia.

I work with people who are preparing to die
and want emotional / spiritual support.

I can help you grow through many different kinds of losses
and life transitions. Those huge events that shake up your world
like divorce, empty-nest, illness, identity change, or job loss.

They are symbolic deaths.

I’m here for you.
You don’t have to go through loss alone.
I can help you move through grief
and cross the bridge from your old life to your new life.
You can feel connected and move forward.
You can learn along the way.
You can grow through grief.
and feel lighter, hopeful and more peaceful.

My work is informed by my love for the Mystery.
I’ve learned that grief is an initiation
and a profound opportunity for transformation.

I am experienced. I am compassionate, kind and wise.

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Email: marilyn@marilynboylegriefcoach.com
Phone: 253-572-7926